Small Pets

Country Critters houses a diverse selection of small animals ranging from the common mouse to the specialty rabbit or ferret.

Country Critters offers boarding for your small pets while you vacation. Our dedicated staff will make sure your pet is well taken care of and loved while you’re away. We also offer nail trimmings daily, no appointments necessary.
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Bedding & Litter

Country Critters offers a full line of small animal bedding including:

• Pine • Cedar • Straw
• Hay • Aspen • Millet
• Corncob • Pellets
• Carefresh • Ultra
• Colors

Cages & Accessories

Custom Cage Kits available at a discounted price.

Save over 10% with everything you need for your new pet as a complete set-up.

Includes: Cage, food, bedding, toy, book, and accessories.

Small Pet Food

Country Critters hand makes a custom blend for all your small animal nutritional needs. Bulk quantities available on request.

Small Pet Supplies

You can find a large selection of small animal habitats and accessories.

We have many hide-aways, wheels, exercise balls, critter trail add-ons and anything you can imagine to make your small animal housing unique and fun.

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