Wide Variety of freshwater, saltwater, reef, and rare fish for all types of hobbyists.

Country Critters is able to cater to everyone from the novice to the professional hobbyist.

On staff experts are available with advice on proper care, handling, setup, and maintenance of all aquarium types.

Fresh Water

Large array of fresh water fish including:

• Community • Predatory
• Discus • African Cichlids
• Central and South American Cichlids

A variety of goldfish on hand and koi are available during pond season

Salt Water

From the smallest gobies to exotic angels and aggressive sharks.

Also a large collection of rare and unusual specimens as mentioned on


The largest reef system on Long Island with vast varieties of corals ranging from Acroporas to Zoanthids.

Various sizes available ranging from frags for the nano to show size colonies for the larger aquaria.


Over 100 tanks on display with setups available encompassing all sizes between the small System3 to the mammoth 300 gallon glass tank.

From the popular manufacturers
• All Glass • Aqueon
• Perfecto • Marineland

Custom sizes and shapes available for ordering.


We offer a full range of high tech equipment to meet all hobbyists’ needs and the expertise to recommend and educate whether it be filtration, skimming, specialty lighting, CO2 systems or monitoring systems. Huge variety of décor also in stock.

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