At Country Critters our goal is to bring the most amazing selection underwater life to your fingertips. Stop by the store, explore the wonders of the fish room, and fall in love with new and intriguing species every visit.

Make sure to check in weekly to view the new additions to our WYSIWYG collection of fish, corals and plants. 


Fresh Water

Discus, cichlids, plecos, goldfish and everything in between. We have Long Island’s largest selection of freshwater fish and plants for you to choose from. 

Looking for your dream fish? We probably have it. Give us a call to check what is in stock now!

Salt Water

From giant sharks to tiny snails, we’ve got it. Our saltwater second is riddled with interesting and exotic specimens for your aquarium. 

Whether you’re into reef keeping for massive predator tanks, theres something for you at Country Critters.


Looking for something exceptional? One of a kind even? WYSIWYG is the section for you. 

The rarest of the rare reside within this section. Once purchased, that exact specimen is all yours.


Need a new tank? Our showroom is packed to the gills with options.

Want something custom? If you can dream it, we can build it. Contact us with your specifications and lets team up to make your dream come true.


Sometimes its easier to have things handled for you. We offer maintenance and consultations for freshwater, saltwater and reef tanks within 20 miles of the store. Let our team of expert aquarists handle the hard part and just sit back and enjoy your aquarium.

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