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Country Critters is a true “Animals First” pet store. Established in 1984, Country Critters set out with the single goal of developing a unique pet store where quality care would always come before profits and would be a proud supporting symbol for animal rights. Since then, based almost entirely on word of mouth, Country Critters’ dedication to quality animal care, has created one of the largest privately-owned premier pet stores in the nation. A haven for pets as well as their owners with over 12,000 square feet of the most bio-diverse places under one roof. Country Critters is a full-service pet store with thousands of species of fresh water and marine fish from every continent and ocean on earth. Also featuring hard-to-find corals and invertebrates!

Country Critters also offers a very large selection of friendly tropical pet birds, animals and captive bred reptiles. Customers all over the tri-state area have come to respect the high level of care, expertise and selection at Country Critters and many drive great distances admitting they would shop nowhere else.

At Country Critters you will find a huge, greatly diverse selection of pet food and supplies. In many cases you will be surprised to find items you never new existed! Country Critters can also custom order and fulfill most special requests. They are proud to employ a highly knowledgeable staff as well as specialists who are always ready to answer all of your pet questions with sound and responsible advise.

Preserving their “Animals First” philosophy, Country Critters donates to, and supports a large coalition of animal rights and protection agencies like The Humane Society, the ASPCA, World Wildlife Fund and many others.

Country Critters knows that the first key to running a quality pet store is the quality of the environment. They always make sure that all their animals are properly fed with a healthy diet of foods specialized for each animal and that the cages, tanks and pens are always neat, clean and very well maintained. A quality environment leads to quality pets and at Country Critters they will never consider anything less.

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